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Some overlooked advantages of prenuptial agreements

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements

Insurance is intended to protect against unpredictable events. These days, there’s a form of insurance for nearly everything. Prenuptial agreements can be thought of as insurance for marriage since they protect against divorce. Yet, many Florida couples never even consider a prenup before tying the knot. Here are a few not-so-obvious benefits of prenuptial agreements. 

Reducing the cost of divorce 

No couple gets married with plans of one day ending the marriage. This is a big reason why some couples never think about creating a prenuptial agreement. However, a prenup is simply a “just-in-case” plan. If a couple has a prenup in place when they divorce, it can significantly reduce the cost of unraveling their marriage. 

Forcing financial discussions 

It’s no secret that disagreements and conflicts around money are a common reason why many spouses divorce. When couples create a prenup before marriage, it forces them to have conversations about money and how to manage finances. The couples can be upfront with one another and lay out their financial expectations and goals for the future. 

Help with prenuptial agreements 

For most couples, creating a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot has more pros than cons and could one day prove to be a lifesaver. If spouses divorce with a prenup in place, the entire process of ending their marriage is often more efficient and less stressful, while saving both parties time and money. Those in Florida who have questions or want to know how to create a prenuptial agreement can obtain invaluable guidance by contacting a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney.