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Beginning the divorce process

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2024 | Divorce

No person truly plans on separating from their spouse. Yet, when a marriage becomes irreconcilable, divorce is often the best option. Unfortunately, divorce is not something that can be finalized overnight. Divorce is a process that takes time. Here’s how to begin the typical divorce process in Florida. 

Filing the petition 

The first step in the divorce process is filing a petition with the court. This can be done by both parties or only one party. However, to avoid delays, ensure that all the required information is in the petition before submitting the paperwork and filing for divorce.  

Grounds for divorce 

In an at-fault divorce, the grounds, or reasons, for the divorce will need to be cited on the petition. This does not have to be too detailed and can simply be that the marriage is broken and irreconcilable. However, for a no-fault divorce, a reason does not have to be provided beyond stating that irreconcilable differences exist between the parties. 

Other information 

The exact information needed on the petition will vary by state. Most of the time, the required information will include the names and addresses of both parties, proof of residency, the day the marriage was formalized, the date of separation and information about minor children. If any required information is incorrect or missing, the divorce papers likely will not be accepted. 

Legal assistance 

Divorce can be a complex and confusing process. It is recommended to seek the assistance of a legal professional. By consulting an experienced family law attorney, those in Florida who are planning to file for divorce can gain an understanding of their legal rights and set themselves up for the best possible outcome.