“Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated And The Answers Are Simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

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Creative And Peaceful Solutions To Alimony Disputes

Last updated on June 20, 2024

Discussions of alimony reform in the news may only add to your doubt and concern if you are preparing for divorce. For many people, especially after long-term marriages with one spouse earning a dominant share of the income, taking a strong, legally viable stance on alimony is critical.

Most people do not understand alimony laws in place today. Relying on friends for advice can be a big mistake. At Rebecca H. Fischer, P.A., I handle alimony negotiations through the Collaborative Process and mediation at all levels of complexity throughout the state of Florida areas. You can rely on me, attorney Rebecca Fischer, for a thorough analysis of your case and current practical guidance.

Financially Astute And A Strategic Negotiator

You may be seriously concerned about surviving financially after ending your marriage.  Alimony (sometimes called spousal support or maintenance) may be essential for a relatively brief or long period. If your spouse seeks alimony or you may be entitled to alimony, you must exert some control over the amount and duration. My established strengths include:

  • Conducting the thorough analysis of financial data and other information necessary to determine what you should realistically expect to pay or receive and for how long
  • Pursuing alternatives to litigation, such as Collaborative divorce or mediation, that are often effective when financial issues can be addressed calmly and rationally by both parties
  • Asserting my clients’ rights when a spouse’s demands are unreasonable, either party refuses to disclose all assets and income, or other complications arise

With decades of experience spanning complex business litigation as well as all aspects of Florida divorce and family legal issues, I am well-equipped to help you address the most complex financial and personal challenges in your divorce.

Learn More About Your Alimony Options

To speak directly with an attorney, call my offices in Hollywood at 954-546-7250 or contact me via email.