“Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated And The Answers Are Simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

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Guidance From A Caring, Effective Custody Attorney

How will your relationships with your children change after divorce? There is no more important question for parents whose lives are about to change in countless ways. Knowing your rights and options under Florida law – including the different forms of child custody and viable approaches to timesharing (or visitation) – is essential.

Targeting The Best Outcomes For Your Family. Focus On What Matters Most

While it is not possible to shield your children from all of the emotional effects of divorce, I can help you keep their best interests in the forefront throughout the process. Investing the time to understand your unique family dynamics and priorities, I will provide sound practical guidance on family legal issues such as:

  • Identifying workable, sustainable custody and timesharing arrangements that do justice to both parents’ roles in the children’s lives
  • Structuring of parenting plans that account effectively for parents’ work and travel demands, special needs of children, and other factors unique to the individual family
  • Selecting the approach to divorce best suited – from a Collaborative law process or mediation
  • Ensuring that your custody and timesharing goals are informed by analysis of what your financial situation is likely to look like after divorce and that outcomes are properly reflected in child support orders
  • Modifying existing orders to reflect your current living situation

Let’s Work Together To Help You Make Confident Decisions

I know how to work creatively within the law, negotiate innovative solutions, and help families avoid leaving momentous decisions to a judge. I also provide formidable representation when negotiations break down and children’s futures are on the line. To contact Rebecca H. Fischer, P.A., in Hollywood, Florida, about your child custody concerns or any other family law matter, call 954-546-7250 or send me an email any time.