“Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated And The Answers Are Simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

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Get Your Questions About Divorce Answered

Divorce can be incredibly complicated – emotionally, financially and legally. It is normal to have many questions about how to proceed and what to expect. Before and during a divorce, it is common (and generally healthy) to seek the support of close friends, family members, counselors and religious leaders.

However, it can be a mistake to try to figure out tough legal issues without an experienced lawyer on your side. If you are facing difficult choices that will impact your future, get the guidance you need – from an attorney like me, Rebecca Fischer, you can trust. At Rebecca H. Fischer, P.A., I can answer your questions about:

  • Time frames and schedules: How long does a Florida divorce usually take? How often will I meet with my lawyer? What does the legal process look like from start to finish?
  • Fees: How much will I owe in legal fees? Does your firm require a retainer? Do you charge hourly rates or flat fees?
  • Custody and parenting time: What is the best way to approach my custody case? Should I expect shared or sole custody? How will parenting time be divided?
  • Asset and liability division: How will our property be divided? Who will value our home and our other assets and liabilities? Who is responsible for paying the mortgage and other bills right now?
  • Your home: Will I get to stay in my house? Will my children have to move? What if our house doesn’t have any equity in it?
  • Alimony: Will I receive or pay alimony? Is it advisable to make arrangements for a lump-sum payment?
  • Child support: Will I be ordered to pay child support to my ex? How do the child support formulas work? What if I lose my job?

Talk To An Experienced Lawyer

This divorce FAQ page is not designed to provide legal advice. Contact me to schedule an appointment with an attorney who can help. I serve clients in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and North Miami. You can call me at 954-546-7250 or send me an email.