“Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated And The Answers Are Simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

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Get Help To Understand Your Parental Rights

Your time with your children is incredibly important. If you are going through a divorce or anticipating a custody conflict, you may be worried about how custody and parenting plans (visitation) will turn out. You may need legal advice to help you understand and protect your rights as a parent.

For assistance with these critical issues, talk to me at Rebecca H. Fischer, P.A.. I have advised and represented hundreds of fathers and mothers in protecting their parental rights.

Questions You May Be Asking

Every custody situation is different. If you need legal advice, get answers from an experienced lawyer. I can answer questions like:

  • Will I automatically receive joint or shared custody of my children?
  • Can I get sole custody of my son or daughter?
  • Can a court limit my custody rights because of my gender?
  • How has Florida law changed in recent years with regard to custody?
  • If my child has autism or another disability, will our custody arrangements reflect my child’s special needs?
  • Can I obtain a custody modification so I can provide a better situation for my kids?
  • At what age can my kids decide who they want to live with?
  • My co-parent and I want to change our timesharing. Will this affect child support?
  • As a grandparent, do I have rights to custody or visitation?
  • What should I do if my child’s other parent is no longer involved in his or her life?

‘Will I Be Treated Fairly?’ Talk To An Attorney Who Can Help.

Contact Rebecca H. Fischer, P.A., in Hollywood, Florida. I can explain your rights and options for establishing the most favorable custody arrangements. Call 954-546-7250 or send me an email.