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What to include in a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2024 | Child Custody

When parents in Florida separate or divorce, concerns about child custody will likely arise. If parents are willing to cooperate to create a good parenting plan, many custody issues can be resolved. Having a suitable parenting plan in place will only make life less stressful and easier for both parents and children. Here are some things that parents may want to include in their parenting plan.

Custody arrangement structure

The structure of the child custody arrangement that parents agreed upon should be a main piece of any parenting plan. Is it joint custody or sole custody? Include details about physical custody, which refers to where the children live, and legal custody, which refers to who will make major decisions on behalf of the children.

Time schedules

Be sure to include the times each parent will have the children. Iron out the specific details about daily routines, overnight stays, vacations, extracurricular activities and special occasions. It is also a good idea to have details about childcare arrangements if both parents are employed.

Pickups and drop-offs

Parents who have a shared or joint custody arrangement will need to include information about exchanges. Detail how drop-off and pick-up routines will occur. Make sure to cover locations and what should happen in the event of schedule changes.

Where to go for help

Anyone who has been through a separation would likely agree that working together with a former partner is challenging, to say the least. Those in Florida who have questions or need help with parenting plans or child custody matters can benefit by sitting down with an experienced legal professional. A family law attorney can bolster communications and protect personal rights if any difficulties arise.