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When is collaborative divorce the right option for you?

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2023 | Divorce

There is no single right way to approach the process of ending your marriage. What may work for you might not work for the next Florida couple facing divorce, which is why you must make decisions that will make the most sense for your individual situation. One of the most common misconceptions about divorce is that it will result in a stressful court battle, but that is not true. There are other options available to you that will allow you to avoid the contention and stress of a typical divorce. 

For some couples, collaborative divorce is a reasonable option. This is a process that allows a couple to resolve their divorce without going to court. In lieu of litigation, you will resolve your remaining divorce concerns through collaborative efforts that allow you to reach conclusions that will work for the entire family. Before you make any decisions that could impact your future, you will benefit from seeking an understanding of exactly how the collaborative divorce process works.  

Understanding how collaborative divorce works 

Collaborative divorce is different from other divorce methods because it allows both parties the opportunity to work together and with others to reach a final divorce order that is practical and sustainable. As the name implies, collaborative divorce means that the two divorcing parties will not only work with each other, but also with other professionals that can help them create a final divorce order. This may include child psychologists, financial advisors and more. 

Through collaboration, you will be able to create a final divorce order that will provide stability and security going forward. This process allows you to address specific concerns that are important to you and unique to your individual situation. By engaging with this process, you do not have to resort to litigation and courtroom appearances just to resolve certain divorce issues. You do not have to get along with the other party to make collaboration work; you just simply have to commit to the process. 

The right option for your situation 

Collaboration is not the right option for every couple seeking a divorce. However, if you would like to avoid court and seek a beneficial outcome to your divorce in a less-stressful manner, you may consider this form of alternative dispute resolution. Before you make any decisions about your future, you will benefit from seeking insight regarding your legal options.