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– Dr. Seuss

Simple ways to make divorce less expensive

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2023 | Divorce

Although most couples wed with forever in mind, marriage sometimes just doesn’t work out. In some cases, divorce is the only path forward. Although circumstances surrounding marital breakups can vary greatly, one thing almost all divorces have in common is they can be expensive processes to go through. Here are a few simple ways to lower the cost of a divorce in Florida. 

Avoid a trial 

Taking the divorce to court is one sure way to make the experience a costly one. If divorcing couples want to save money, they may want to consider alternatives to litigation. Mediation is a good option for many couples. In mediation, spouses work with a third-party mediator to communicate and reach a resolution. Collaborative divorce is also a good money-saving option. 

Get organized 

There will be significant charges if divorce attorneys must gather and organize financial documents and other paperwork. Divorcing couples can save thousands in legal fees by organizing important documents such as bank statements, tax returns and insurance information. Individuals can also save money by obtaining electronic copies of these documents. Paper forms cost more to process and attorneys usually prefer to work with electronic documents. 


As difficult as it may seem, a willingness to cooperate with the other party during the divorce process can be a good way to save money. If children are involved, both spouses are going to be in each other’s lives anyway. It only makes sense to be cordial so both parties can work together to accomplish a common goal. 

Divorce is a complex legal process. Any person in Florida who is heading for a separation could benefit by sitting down with a legal representative to discuss their options. A seasoned and knowledgeable family law attorney can answer questions and provide legal guidance to help individuals navigate this often-confusing process.