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Collaborative divorce is usually less stressful

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2023 | Divorce

When spouses in Florida think about ending their marriage, they may assume it will be a stressful and adversarial process. However, if a couple is willing to work together, there is a less hostile and more peaceful way to divorce. With a collaborative divorce, a couple can end their marriage civilly through cooperation and joint problem-solving rather than litigation. 

What is it? 

A collaborative divorce is a way to end a marriage that encourages both spouses to cooperate (collaborate) to settle their divorce. Before beginning the collaborative divorce process, both parties and their attorneys sign agreements that they will strive to settle their divorce through negotiation and not go to court. One goal of a collaborative divorce is to avoid a lengthy court battle, but there are also many other benefits. 

The pluses 

Because spouses focus on cooperating instead of fighting, collaborative divorces are usually resolved quicker. Since the separation is kept out of court, couples who choose a collaborative divorce stand to save money. This approach may also help facilitate discussions to help couples work through other important issues like child custody, reducing the chances of post-divorce contention. 

Professional assistance 

Divorce does not have to be a negative, stress-filled process. Couples who are willing to cooperate to accomplish a common goal of amicably ending their marriage can do so through a collaborative divorce. Those in Florida who have questions or want to pursue collaborative divorce could benefit by consulting an experienced legal professional who can answer questions and support them throughout the process.