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What it takes to make a co-parenting arrangement successful

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2023 | Divorce Mediation

Spouses who divorce typically have a multitude of reasons for doing so. When they are also parents, one area of concern that both spouses share is the well-being of their children. Children will benefit when both parents remain involved and active in their lives, so this is why co-parenting, or joint custody, has become one of the most popular child custody arrangements in Florida. Here’s how to make this type of custody arrangement a successful one.

Effective communication

For any co-parenting arrangement to work, both parents must communicate effectively. Understandably, talking with an ex-spouse after the divorce can be undesirable and may even seem impossible. However, it is helpful to think about communication with the other parent as serving the children and their well-being. Make the children the main point of every discussion with the former spouse. When the kids see that their parents communicate respectfully, they often follow suit.

Parent as a team

Like it or not, co-parenting will be full of decisions that both parents will have to make together.  Cooperating without conflict or bickering is essential to make the right decisions for the children. Remember, this is about the children now, so ex-spouses should never bring up relationship issues from the failed marriage. When parents are consistent and willing to cooperate, they can create a healthy child-rearing environment for everyone.

When parents learn what it takes to successfully co-parent, the children will benefit and their lives will likely improve significantly. For those in Florida who have parenting questions or need help with any aspect of child custody, seeking the services of a family law attorney can be instrumental. An experienced lawyer can help a client create a parenting plan that best fits the specific situation.