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Mediation can make the divorce process less stressful

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2023 | Divorce Mediation

Virtually no couple gets married with the intent of one day ending the marriage. Yet, people change as the years go by, and sometimes, divorce is the best option. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean that the soon-to-be ex-spouses must go through a contentious and lengthy court trial. For many spouses in Florida, mediation is a great way to resolve their divorce. Here are a few reasons to consider mediation.

The mediation process

Unlike a litigated divorce, mediation is a civil and cooperative process. In mediation, spouses and their attorneys work together with a neutral third-partyDivorce mediator to reach sensible agreements to resolve their divorce in a more amicable fashion. Meditation has many benefits, but the couple must be willing to work together to accomplish their goals.

The benefits of mediation

A primary benefit to meditation is that it keeps the divorce out of court. Divorce litigation is expensive and stressful; it’s also a process that takes a long time to complete, sometimes many months or more. Mediation is typically a less expensive and faster process. Since mediation is less stressful, it can also help facilitate a healthy co-parenting relationship after divorce when child custody and parenting time are issues.

Where to go for help

Although mediation may not be an option for every couple, spouses who are willing to work together can use mediation to divorce faster, often at a reduced cost and with fewer frazzled nerves. Those in Florida who want to know more about mediation can speak with a legal professional. An experienced family law attorney can answer questions and provide much-needed guidance.