“Sometimes The Questions Are Complicated And The Answers Are Simple.”

– Dr. Seuss

Helping you navigate a contentious high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

It is never easy to ask for a divorce; however, when spouses in Florida and elsewhere seek to end a marriage, he or she will go through the steps necessary. Even when a spouse’s mind and heart is in it, this does not make the process much easier. There are many ups and downs that come with dissolution, and for those going through a high asset divorce, divorce issues can extend the time it takes to get through the process.

The accumulation of assets, especially when a couple is wealthy, can complicate the property division process. It can also bring other divorce issues into light, such as seeking alimony payments. At Fischer & Feldman, P.A., our experienced attorneys understand the difficulties a high asset divorce can bring. Thus, we are dedicated to helping spouses in Broward County sort through and navigate the issues a high asset divorce can bring.

For many wealthy couples, a prenuptial agreement is often entered into prior to their nuptials. Even if a couple did not take the time to include this legal document in their marriage, a couple might utilize a postnuptial agreement. This is common when a spouse or couple accumulates wealth after they got married. Whether a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement was involved or not, a high asset divorce can be very contentious. Spouses may not see eye-to-eye on who gets what, and that can bring with in many disputes. However, if such a document was used, we will ensure that it is properly validated and applied to the divorce process.

Our skilled attorneys focus on the goals and needs of our clients. We know that it is a delicate situation, and we handle it as such. We use methods such as negotiation, mediation, collaboration and litigation to help our client obtain the best outcome possible.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s high asset divorce website. Whether you are considering divorce, recently filed or are seeking a post-divorce modification, it is important to be fully aware of your rights and options. This will ensure you rights are well protected throughout the process.