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Ways to deal with a high-profile or high asset divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

For wealthy and celebrity couples in Florida and other states, it can be difficult to live life with the news and tabloids following their moves. This is especially true when navigating the divorce process. For some high-profile couples, the general public’s knowledge and input on their relationship can carry with it added emotions and issues. Thus, it is important that these couples understand ways they can better progress through a high asset divorce.

While you do not need to be an A-list celebrity to have your relationship problems plastered in the news and magazines, high-profile couples from all industries and areas of the nation are frequently under a microscope the very second they file for divorce. This can make a complex dissolution even more challenging. Thus, by taking pointers from past celebrity divorces, it is possible to get through the process unscathed by public opinion.

If a high-profile couple wants to keep their divorce a secret, the file date is often key. While the most ideal time used to be on a Friday afternoon, currently, the best time to file a divorce petition is before a holiday weekend. Where you file is also key. It is important to work with a legal team that knows how the court clerks respond to high-profile filings. Filing in a court that is less likely to leak the filing or any other document is ideal.

Additionally, if a divorce attorney has other high-profile clients filing for divorce, it is also best to file these petitions at the same time. This will reduce the chances of publications seeking out stories about your divorce. Finally, hiring private judges or settling your divorce out of court could help a high-profile couple avoid unwanted public attention.

While a couple might take several steps to keep their high-profile divorce out of the news, it is still possible that their divorce might receive some media attention. This should not deter the couple from filing for divorce, negotiating a settlement, litigating disputes or signing a divorce decree. While a high asset divorce comes with challenges and difficulties, it is possible to navigate the process with the aid of legal and financial professionals.