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Wealthy Floridians may benefit from mediation too

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | High Asset Divorce

Many people in the Boward County area may have the impression that thing like mediation and Collaborative law are only for people who have a family law issue but are in fact of limited means. However, savings in cost and time are not the only benefits to trying to resolve family law matters like child custody and child support outside of court.

For instance, at our law office, we are open to the possibility of resolving child custody issues through mediation, even when the dispute involves a high-profile couple who have plenty of income and wealth to fight in court. Many of our clients have discovered the benefits of working with the other side to come to a custody and parenting time plan that ensures the children have a relationship with both parents and that the family’s particular scheduling and other needs get met.

One of the attorneys at our office is extensively familiar with what many call the “Collaborative divorce” process, although this process can certainly be applied to handle other types of custody disputes as well. While the Collaborative process requires each party to commit to resolving their issues outside of court, the tradeoff is less stress on the parties’ children and a first step in establishing better communication, which in turn leads to less legal wrangling.

As a word of reassurance, though, our office understands that not every custody dispute or other issue can be resolved without going to court. In some cases, including but not limited to situations of abuse or cases in which there is a lot of conflict, it may be best to pursue a litigation strategy. In these sorts of situations, our office is fully prepared to investigate and organize a child custody case with an eye toward persuading a judge to give our client what he or she wants.