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Alimony obligations can vary based on each divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2017 | Alimony

Not every Florida divorce will result in the payment of alimony, also known as spousal support, from one of the parties to the other. In fact, whether through prenuptial agreements or orders of the court, some couples may part ways with each party completely self-sufficient and without the need for the other’s continued financial accommodation.

However, for those divorces that do produce alimony orders, it is important to remember that the amount and duration of the paying spouse’s obligation can look different, based on the circumstances of the parties and their ending marriage. While one marriage may end with a party required to pay a one-time lump-sum to her soon to be ex-spouse, another divorce may yield an alimony order the requires a payer to provide monthly spousal support to his ex for many years into the future.

The length of a marriage is a factor that can heavily weigh on the size and duration of an alimony award. Additionally, a spouse’s capacity to earn an income and care for one’s self will play a part in establishing if and how much support a requesting spouse will receive. A spouse who has given up a career to take care of a family may require financial help to retrain and reenter the workforce after a long absence from his or her career.

Alimony may not be awarded in a divorce or it may become a long-term obligation between divorcing parties. As readers consider the information contained in this post, they are asked to speak with their own family law lawyers to discuss the particulars of their cases. This post is not provided as legal advice and should not be read as such. Family law attorneys throughout Broward County can provide their clients with specific guidance that will meet their individual case needs.