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Billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin returns to court

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2015 | Prenuptial Agreements

When a billionaire hedge fund manager and his wife end up in court again over their prenuptial agreement, it makes the news. Kenneth Griffin and his wife Anne Dias Griffin will return to court this week to try to settle their disagreements over their prenup.

Kenneth Griffin filed for divorce from his wife in July 2014, after an 11-year marriage. The terms of the prenup were disclosed, which means they were also public information. The prenup, according to court records, was signed the night before the ceremony. Anne is now claiming that Kenneth coerced her into signing that prenup.

Anne says that the agreement cost her “billions of dollars” that were accrued during their marriage. It’s estimated that Kenneth is worth $7 billion.

The prenup gives Anne a lump-sum payment of $22.5 million right after the couple married. She also was to receive $1 million in cash for each year the couple was married. If the terms of the prenup stand, she should get about $35 million. She would also be a joint owner of their penthouse — worth a paltry $11 million.

Prenuptial agreements may not seem like the most romantic thing to do when you’re getting married, but it can help protect what you come into the marriage with and what any children from a previous marriage would get upon your death. Contrary to public opinion, prenups are not just for high asset couples. Even those with modest assets can benefit from these legally binding agreements. An attorney who has experience in family law issues can provide you with information on how to create your own prenup.