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Does a publilcity statement set celebrity divorces apart?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

While it can be tempting to think that a celebrity’s money is what sets his or her divorce apart from ours, the truth is that a publicity statement could be the most pronounced difference. This summer has seen multiple celebrity divorces, with the couples issuing statements about their splits. Those statements almost always contain a request for privacy, which is something the layperson usually like to have as well.

Celebrities don’t issue publicity statements only to ask for privacy. They also do it to have control over the situation. The media has a much more difficult time spinning a couple’s divorce if the couple issued in a publicity statement declaring that the two are remaining friends and will be focusing on raising their children together. In a regular divorce, family members often get involved and friends offer unrequested advice.

While you probably don’t think much about creating your own divorce statement, determining what you would say to people ahead of time can make awkward situations a little easier. For example, you won’t have to go into details of the divorce with someone who hardly knows you. You would also have something to post on Facebook, although the comments will likely pile up. You can request privacy politely.

While you might not have thought of creating such a statement earlier, it really can change the way you and others look at your divorce. If you need more suggestions on how to move forward with your divorce, you might speak with your divorce attorney. He or she can likely offer advice on getting past your divorce.