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Why you don’t have to fear divorce mediation — III

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2015 | Divorce Mediation

For the last few weeks, our blog has spent some time examining the divorce mediation process here in Florida, outlining how it works and the divorce-related issues that it can help separating couples resolve.

We’ll conclude this discussion in today’s post by examining some of the advantages offered by divorce mediation.

Save time and money

The unfortunate reality is that divorce litigation can sometimes drag out for months or even years, meaning a separating couple is not only forced to invest more money in the process, but also more of their time.

As you might imagine, this prolonged stress can really take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health over the course of time, effectively forcing them to live in the past and preventing them from moving forward.

In divorce mediation, couples can often resolve their differences in a matter of weeks at a cost that is altogether reasonable, alleviating some of the financial worries that can accompany traditional divorce litigation. Perhaps more importantly, the process frees people to start a new chapter in their lives much earlier and perhaps in a much better mindset.

The decision is all yours

Last time, we discussed how all divorce matters — child custody, child support, alimony, and property division — can all be addressed in divorce mediation. What this means is that you and your soon-to-be ex can reach mutually acceptable solutions that are carefully tailored to meet your precise needs. In other words, these matters won’t be left to the discretion of a judge who is perhaps lacking a complete understanding of your unique situation and family dynamics.

Preserve family harmony

While divorce is seldom easy, the divorce mediation process can at least help people move forward from a place of mutual understanding and cooperation, as opposed to lingering resentment or even open hostility.

This can help ensure that couples are able to communicate in a civil, or perhaps even friendly, manner going forward. This is especially important if children are involved.

To learn more about divorce mediation and whether it might be right for your situation, please consider speaking with an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.