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Florida senator seeks full temporary custody of son in divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2015 | High Asset Divorce

Florida Senator Joseph Abruzzo is seeking full temporary custody of his infant son, alleging that his wife recently attempted suicide and is in need of mental health care.

The Democrat filed the motion with the court in his divorce case from his wife Brandy. The motion explains how she took “a large quantity of Xanax pills” last month and he saved her life. He also said that his wife has told him she has lost the will to live. He told her that her two children would be devastated to learn that their mother took her own life.

There are other details in the motion, too. Sen. Abruzzo claims that his safe was drilled into and photos and a Rolex watch were taken by Brandy, who is an Internet pin-up star.

Sen. Abruzzo also says that Brandy is a heavy smoker, which is affecting the health of the infant.

A criminal complaint against Brandy has been filed by the senator after he alleges that she posted nude photos of him on Facebook.

As you can see, some divorces can be very acrimonious, especially those that involve public figures or significant amounts of property. Many divorces can continue in the courts for years before a resolution is finally reached.

If you are seeking a divorce and believe that your children may be in danger, it is crucial to file a motion for temporary custody to keep them safe. Your divorce attorney can provide more information on how this done and how he or she can protect the rights — and health — of you and your children.